Tennent's Caledonia North Region League (Women's)

Saturday 30 October 2021

Inverness Craig Dunain RFC 12:30 PM Peterhead RFC

Orkney Dragons 12:30 PM Shetland Ladies

Aberdeenshire Quines 12:30 PM Fraserburgh RFC

Early ko to deconflict with Scotland v Tonga fixture.

Saturday 06 November 2021

Caithness RFC 11:00 AM Shetland Ladies

Fixture rescheduled from 18th Sep to 6th Nov by mutual agreement.

Saturday 13 November 2021

Shetland Ladies 12:00 PM Aberdeenshire Quines

Rescheduled from 16th Oct by mutual agreement.

Saturday 04 December 2021

Shetland Ladies 11:00 AM Inverness Craig Dunain RFC

Early ko by mutual agreement.

Stornoway RFC 2:00 PM Fraserburgh RFC

Caithness RFC 2:00 PM Aberdeenshire Quines

Peterhead RFC 2:00 PM Orkney Dragons

Saturday 08 January 2022

Caithness RFC 10:30 AM Stornoway RFC

Early ko by mutual agreement due to travel arrangements. Rescheduled from 30th Oct on authority of the Womens Competition Committee

Saturday 22 January 2022

Peterhead RFC 1:30 PM Caithness RFC

Rescheduled from 16th Oct. Early ko by mutual agreement.

Orkney Dragons 1:00 PM Fraserburgh RFC

Rescheduled from 16th Oct 21.

Inverness Craig Dunain RFC 11:00 AM Stornoway RFC

Rescheduled from 16th Oct.